Hosted PBX

Your business phone system in the cloud

Unlike a traditional PBX which is a physical device installed under a desk or in a cabinet somewhere within your office, a Hosted PBX is a piece of intelligent software that sits in the cloud. Users connect to the PBX from any location over the internet using a variety of devices such as VoIP enabled handsets, mobile phone apps, computer applications or collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams.

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Use our service for FREE this XMAS and we will add $15 worth of credit to your account to handle all your call routing needs.

This is how it works

Step 1

Sign up for a free trial

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Step 2

Tell us your call flow

Get in touch with our superb support team via email or phone and describe how you want your calls handled.

Step 3

Forward your calls to your new account

Put a call forward on your current phone number to one assigned to you for the purposes of call handling. When you are ready, you can simply cancel the divert and work as normal.

Why Hosted PBX

pbx telephone systems

Australian VoIP provider with 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime.

Ability to connect from any location.

No need for expensive PBX equipment and upfront CapeEx.

Choice of postpaid or prepaid account.

Low cost, easy to understand subscription model with and NO Lock in contract.

Rapid provisioning of telephony systems. Be up and running in minutes.

Choice of phone to use (physical handset or app).

Flexible pricing structure

With our flexible PBX platform you can assign different call plans to each user in the system.

Below you can see our popular package deals. You are free to customise your subscriptions any way you like and save on monthly fees.

A monthly Support fee of $11 is charged for each account. This covers unlimited support and assistance with call flow configurations.

PAYG Starter

per user/per month

Subscription breakdown:

Australian phone number $ 0.65

User license $ 3.95

SIP or MS Teams device License $ 3.35

Call plan subscription $ 0.00


Unlimited Australia Plus

per user/
per month

Subscription breakdown:

Australian phone number $ 0.65

User license $ 3.95

SIP or MS Teams device License $ 3.35

Call plan subscription $ 20.00


Prices in AUD inc GST

* Fair use policy applies

Download a full list of international call rates.

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Critical information summary (CIS)

Features & Benefits
of our platform

Take full control of complex call flow scenarios with our easy to use configuration platform. Our billing portal allows you to order phone numbers and licenses and get them instantly activated.

In addition to the basic features such as ring groups, call queues, voice menus, you can also enjoy advanced features such as:

Call parking

Realtime call queue wallboard on your computer or mobile device

Call reports (inbound & outbound, daily call distribution, hours of day call distribution, monthly call volume)

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Do you have special requirements
or simply need help designing a solution?

Get in touch and one or friendly staff will call you back to discuss your needs so that we can implement the best solution for you.

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