Your IT Systems Holiday Checklist

IT Holiday Checklist
IT Holiday Checklist

The holiday season is upon us and there is lots of excitement in the air. Travel plans and almost every other plan that needs to be made has been attended to except one …. A plan for your IT Systems.

You see, the holiday period presents an ideal time to give your Systems a break and much needed maintenance and tune-ups. What better time to get this done than when your staff is away – zero impact on productivity.

So what can you attend to over the holiday period? I thought you would never ask …..


DO NOT run off on holiday before you have ensured that your system backup processes are in place and are functioning as desired. I don’t know what it is, but the IT gremlins like to attack when everyone is away. The last thing you want is to deal with an IT disaster on your first day back from your holiday.

PC Health

You know that thing that your computer does that annoys you so much but you have just learnt to work around it because you haven’t had the time to get it sorted? Yes, that thing. Get IT sorted.


Now is a perfect time to undertake hardware and software upgrades. Lets face it, some of your systems are old and simply need to be replaced. Get a review done and get some new hardware deployed in time for the new year. Get back some of that productivity and minimise downtime over the course of next year.

At Defo IT we love the long holiday periods because we get the opportunity to get our hands on your IT Systems for longer periods than usual in order to implement much needed system maintenance and upgrades. Call us for a FREE, no obligation review of your systems.