1300/1800 Numbers

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1300 and 1800 numbers are both considered to be ‘non-geographic’ numbers, meaning they are not linked to
any particular location. They are both designed for business use. 1800 numbers are ‘Toll Free’ – free to call for the
caller but the receiver pays for the inbound call. 1300 numbers are ‘shared cost’ meaning that the caller will pay
the cost of a local call and the receiver will also pay a lower rate for inbound calls.

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1300/1800 monthly hosting with included call value

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Call rates

Price inc GST

One simple inbound call rate



per minute



per minute

All our call plans include a bonus DOUBLE call value!

Our monthly hosting fee includes DOUBLE the amount of FREE calls. Estimate your monthly call volume and select the most appropriate call package. No hidden fees. GST included. You can always switch between call plans at any time.

A once off activation fee of $77.00 inc GST applies for new number orders.
Included call value covers inbound and call diversion charges.

Call diversion rates:
Answer calls on VoIP via mPBX:
Answer calls on AU landline:
Answer calls on AU mobile:

no additional charge
extra 2.9c per minute
extra 13.9c per minute

1300/1800 DOUBLE included call value

This is how it works


Call package:


1300 is diverted to
Australian landline

You pay:



Rate per minute:
8.8c(inbound) + 2.9c(diversion) = 11.7c



included call value

Therefore you get:



minutes included

A simultaneous ring feature can also be configured. You could have a VoIP Phone at the office (no diversion charges) and a mobile both ringing at the same time. When you are in the office, just pick up a call on the VoIP Phone.

1300/1800 numbers are linked to our ADVANCED mPBX call routing system FREE of charge

Link your 1300/1800 number and create your custom call flow scenario in our ADVANCED PBX call routing system.

Note: For call flow scenarios where the call is answered on an external number (e.g. mobile), PBX is completely FREE as you do not require user/device licenses.

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We’d be happy to give you a call and go through your requirements. Once we understand your needs, we will provide you with a detailed quotation. We can also create custom call plans, integrate with third party systems and customise the setup to create a custom solution based on your requirements.

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